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Gender discrimination can take on many forms, involving both men and women. At Employee rights Law Firm in Kansas City, MO we understand that feeling discriminated can take a toll on your confidence. We are here to fight for you, your rights and put others in their place when it comes to gender discrimination. 

If you are starting to suspect that your gender is a factor in your job stability of creating a hostile work environment, you need an aggressive employment law attorney that you can trust. The gender discrimination attorneys at Employee Rights Law Firm take a hard-charging approach to their clients discriminated because of their sex or gender. There is no reason for you to tolerate a hostile work environment where you are being treated differently because of your gender. 
Contact us today if you have been subject to gender discrimination in the workforce. 


In today's workplace, you need an gender discrimination attorney who will take a broader view of gender. Women do not have exclusivity when it comes to allegations of sex discrimination or sexual harassment. Our experience includes representation on behalf of victimized men and women. That is the level of advocacy you need. That is the level of advocacy that we provide at the Employee Rights Law Firm — Law Offices of Mark A. Jess, L.L.C.

Detailed Investigation of Your Gender Discrimination Claim

We help identify where gender discrimination occurred. A man can be denied a promotion. A woman could be fired because she became pregnant. Whatever resulted in you hitting a "glass ceiling" or being wrongfully terminated over gender, we will get to the facts of your case and hold your employer accountable.

You need to know and understand that your employer should be ensuring that your workplace is free of hostility and promote fairness and equality, regardless of your gender. When your employer falls short, the attorneys at Employee Rights Law Firm will act quickly on your behalf to ensure that justice is served. 

 Let our gender discrimination attorneys in Kansas City MO help you, contact us today! 

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